Late afternoon in the garden

Taking stock in the garden

When I can, I like to take a wander around the garden at the end of the day. It’s a chance to let the little changes take focus, when I can allow my eye to wander and let chores and concerns drift to the background.

I also like to visit the furry family before bedtime and dole out the pats and chats. Jupiter (below) is such a curious and chatty girl.

Even though Autumn has well and truly arrived—it was down to 6 degrees this morning: so crisp and perfect—there’s still a delightful display of flowers. I found the following during my stroll today:

The veggie patch is powering along. All the greens I planted are taking off and the cloche is doing the trick as a Peeper protector.

And this is what happens on the non-Peeper-protected beds:

I also noticed my white rose buds are covered in little insects. I haven’t seen this before, and I’m sure I would have noticed. Does anyone know what they are and what I need to do?



2 comments on “Late afternoon in the garden

  1. Your roses are covered in aphids – they are sap suckers and easily removed with your fingers – but the multiply quickly. Loving Jupiter.


    • That you! It was a real infestation.
      Sadly we lost Jupiter, as you might read in a later blog. I miss her, she was a sweet hen.

      Thank you for your advice 🙂


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