By the fountain

The water plants in the fountain seem to die back over winter and the fish disappear – do fish hibernate? – but now it has started to warm up, four of our previous five fish are out and looking considerably bigger. Did they eat No.5? 

Just today I noticed the irises are about to flower. How delightful! 

The horses had some crazy action today, belting around at a flat gallop, tails in the air. Even little Walter got his prance on. After they’d settled I gave everyone a big brush and fuss. Quiet time, calm and pleasant. 

Walter says he’s had enough of this being tied up business

He’s a good boy, little Walter. He quite enjoys doing the mail run during the week. 

Out for a quiet hack with Isabelle on Tank
Weekday constitutional to get the mail

2 comments on “By the fountain

  1. The water flowers look like iris’? Just beautiful! And it sounds like you are heading into spring while we are watching the leaves change color and thinking about the upcoming winter (NOT a huge fan of ice, snow, and extreme cold temps; sigh!) Like you, we moved “out to the country” and are loving country life! Your horses are beautiful! How fun to ride down to get the mail! I envy you that!!


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